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Anniversary Gift plate - For any anniversary, ruby, golden or your first anniversay.

Anniversary Plate

Personalised Anniversary gift ideas, our traditional Blue Delftware Plate is a unique anniversary gift, the perfect anniversary gift for that someone special.

This traditional Blue Delftware Plate measures 9 inches (23cm).

A happy couple travel in a horse-drawn carriage. The clock on the church steeple depicts the time of the wedding.

The names of the Bride & Groom, the date and the place of the wedding are hand painted on the inner rim by one of our artists.

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The anniversary plate is identical to the wedding plate, the ideal gift to mark those special occasions, be it a silver, golden or diamond anniversary.
All our plates have a unique number that identifies this plate for future reference and are digitally photographed before being despatched. We reserve the right to use the images for advertising purposes.

Customers who ordered via the web are notified by e-mail on the date of despatch. Should they request the plate be sent direct to the recipient, we e-mail photographs (front & back) direct to them of the gift for their records.